Chris Mortensen, ESPN’s Liar Emeritus

DATELINE: Into the Heart of an Artichoke

Chris Mortensen, We Hardly Recognize You

TheFeatured image man who convinced Roger Goodell to pursue Deflategate, whether he was proven wrong or not, is named Chris Mortensen.

He is, to use the term loosely, a member of the Fourth Estate, according to ESPN.

He proves two wrongs make a right.

Telling lies in American sports is an art of the first order. How he still holds a job is a sign that America sports is a land of crooks and liars.

Though he backs off from claiming he ever blamed Tom Brady for a conspiracy, he is now singing a different tune that Robert Kraft and his dimwit son Jonathan called him to apologize.

That seems an untruth on top of his false deflating reportage.

Yet, it is the sort of duplicity that has permeated the fanbase of 31 NFL teams. They believe his lies.

Worse yet, ESPN lets him promulgate his original baseless charges with impunity.

Worse yet, Roger Goodell has turned both blind eyes to Mortensen as his seeing eye dog.  He admits only he should have clarified his tweets early on. Yes, recanting a lie would have helped. Now he cannot back down—to his ever lasting infamy.

He now is swathing himself in self-righteousness and blaming Bill Belichick for implicating Brady. Hunh?

We have looked into the heart of darkness, and into the heart of an artichoke. And, we have looked into the heart of Chris Mortensen, his satanic majesty. There is no difference.