Trump Endorses Tom Brady

DATELINE: Powerful Friends

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The Donald weighed in again on Tom Brady whom he labeled a “great friend of mine.”  He even showed his cell phone with a message that Tom had sent Trump his new number.

Taking Brady’s side is a non-brainer. Trump noted that spending over $10 milion in legal fees was a crazy notion. There is no reason to torment a “a great star. They ought to go back to playing football. This country has bigger problems.”

In Donald Trump’s opinion, the NFL has wronged a great player through the ridiculous parody of justice called Deflategate.  He believes Tom should never have been suspended, and he is equally convinced that Tom will win his lawsuit.

We doubt that this makes a dent in the cement head logic of Roger Goodell who thinks he is the czar of football with unlimited powers of punishment.

When it comes to fantasy football, Tom is Trump’s main guy.

We have speculated that Tom likely has a post in a cabinet of President Trump—or perhaps Trump will make him overseer of national sports.

In the world of politics, Trump’s endorsement of Tom will likely mean somewhere down the line, Tom Brady will have to return the favor—and give his endorsement of Trump’s candidacy.

This is not a problem as Brady is a well-known Republican libertarian, a believer in cell phone privacy, and a man on the right side of issues.