Goodell’s Owners’ Council


Featured imageOOPs!   wrong Roger!!

In case you’re wondering, Roger Goodell has been running around like crazy this weekend. He has tried to gather a group of owners to put a stamp of approval on some kind of settlement with Tom Brady.

The owner of the New York Giants refused to serve.

You know you are in trouble when your bosses won’t lift a finger to save your bacon.

Ah, the perogrative of being a billionaire! You may rest assured that no billionaire is refusing to help Goodell because they hate the Patriots. They are letting their Commissioner twist slowly in the wind.

The prevailing owner view is that Goodell has created a mess—and he has to own up to his actions. That likely means the owners have their cake and eat it too. They can later step back from Goodell, or more likely step on Goodell for his gross incompetence.

First and foremost, there are some who have thought hiring Ted Wells is not the best or brightest idea. This is the man who has made tobacco money for arguing second-hand smoke will not give you lung cancer.

Now he is saying that Tom Brady seems to have deflated footballs.

And, Goodell took this as an indictment with a smoking gun. It looks like Wells and his second-hand smoke screen is doing in Roger Goodell. Puff, puff, Roger, and tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate that he will just have to wait….you want to puff on the funny smoke given to you by Ted Wells.