Tom Brady Will NOT Be at Second Hearing

DATELINE: Second Down
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Tom Brady is not legally required to show up at the second hearing before Judge Richard Berman. However, reports are circulating that he may attend. He came to New York for secret peace talks on Tuesday, but Goodell was having none of it.

In the previous hearing, observers noted that Brady did not look upon Roger Goodell, let alone acknowledge him with a handshake or other greeting. Brady simply went to his neutral corner.

Goodell is not required to show up at the second hearing, but if word leaks out that Brady will be there, will Roger be far behind? If he does not attend, it will make him look all the worse. The Judge again told Brady he did not have to attend.

We know that Tom will not be there to exchange pleasantries or to mend fences with the man who has maligned him, debased his sworn testimony, and has led a witchhunt to ruin the star quarterback’s reputation.

Would you seek a chance to shake the hand of this man? We suspect that, even if an agreement, settlement, or deal is struck between the warring factions, Tom will hardly be a good sport over this matter.

Of course, everyone will want a picture of the moment Brady and Goodell bury the hatchet. We suspect there will never be such a photograph, unless it is photoshopped by the millions of enterprising gagsters out there.

This ridiculous charade may seem like a game of trivial pursuit, but it is deadly business to Brady. One has only to note that he did not participate in any of the moments of levity during the previous hearing session. Tom’s game face may never disappear when it comes to the Goodell shenanigans.