Free Tom Brady


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With the Deflate-gate crisis coming to a screeching anti-climax for the umpteenth time, the fans in Boston have discovered there is little opportunity to express their feelings at Fenway Park.

Yes, those Red Sox are point killers this season. Fans are still in a good humor at Fenway Park. It is summer and a lovely setting, but the Red Sox are putrid. Once in a while, they surprise the fans, but usually the price of those status seeker seats far outweighs the era of good feelings.

So, this week, with days pending before Judge Richard M. Berman drops the hammer on someone’s head, the Sox faithful have decided to lighten the mood at Fenway with some old-fashioned protesting.

Not since the Vietnam War have we seen such passion among protestors.

Red Sox fans donned their New England Patriot jerseys and began to shout out, “Free Tom Brady.”

Well, it’s about time that football fans start to take over the airwaves and the sports arenas. The Pats are playing their pre-season and the Red Sox are playing out the string.

It’s time to switch those sox to Patsy stockings.

Tom Brady is on the line, and though the fans at Fenway would love to see David Ortiz hit #500 home run this season, the real energy is now focused on another Boston legend: the guy being railroaded by his own league,

So, the chanting grows. Hell, no, Brady shouldn’t go.

“Free Tom Brady,” is even on the T-shirt Governor Charlie Baker wears. You can’t go wrong in Boston by showing your fandom to any and all of the sports heroes.

Indeed, with days to go, we want to see Tom Brady free at last.