Roger Goodell Has To Go

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The NFL is damning the torpedoes and proceeding full steam ahead. Unfortunately, those torpedoes will sink the league. The iceberg is dead ahead.

The Players Union now insists that Roger Goodell is orchestrating a blatant smear campaign. Yes, Jeffrey Kessler’s brief filed for Judge Berman used the term “smear”. If these men were running for president of the United States, we have seen and would expect this level of civility between Donald Trump and Rand Paul.

As it stands, the NFL argues that the Commissioner can do whatever he wants—regardless of fairness or of evidence. And, he thinks Brady should be suspended. End of story.

If this were a Kafka novel, you might expect this illogic to reign. We hope Goodell wakes up one morning soon and discovers he has turned into a giant cockroach. That too is a Kafka novel plot.

There are people of pinhead mentality that will accept and never understand the injustice that Roger Goodell has fomented with his vile attitude.

It seems Goodell’s unreasonable position has benighted logic to it. He can say he stood firm—but the judge threw out his findings. He can hold his head high for self-styled morality and the right of kings.

Even King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta, but Goodell probably doesn’t know how to write. We know he could not read the evidence. We know his level of scientific knowledge is from the Dark Ages. We know an imbecile on steroids when we see one.