Celebrity Lineup for Tom Brady



Featured image Michael Jordan first, now Magic Johnson for Brady

With his court date around the corner and down the street in Manhattan, Tom Brady has picked up support from sundry and important sources.

First, during the day, on the steps of the Massachusetts State House where a charity water bucket challenge was about to kick off for another August, the Governor of the Commonwealth, Charlie Baker was ready for his icy dump.

We were intrigued as to how the affable governor and his trusty lieutenant governor would dress for the occasion.

We were not disappointed when Baker came out wearing a “Free Tom Brady” T-shirt. There’s nothing quite so heady to a politician than to combine two popular issues and win support by appearing on the local news.

Not far away in another part of New England where big time Brady support can be found, an interloper from Los Angeles and a long-time rival of all things Celtics showed up in Rhode Island for a charity event.

Magic Earvin Johnson, best pal of Larry Bird and perpetual antagoniste of Bostonians, came out in favor of Tom Brady. Now a baseball mogul, Magic opined that he could not watch football without Tom Brady playing. He wanted this suspension nonsense overturned.

Tom already has the total support of Michael Jordan, giving him the basketball market behind his cause.

And, there in a nutshell from across the sports spectrum and political winds was the popular mantra.

Yet in New York came reports that the two sides of Deflategate were intransigent, unbudgeable, and beyond any negotiating for a compromise. With a court date looming, we cannot imagine how Judge Berman can find common ground for both sides.

There will be a big loser in this mess come Wednesday.