Bullygate Now Rises from the Grave to Assist Deflategate


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As Deflategate reaches its acme, the old bugaboo of Bullygate, another NFL mess, has risen from the dead.

Not only has Richie Incognito attacked the Commissioner Roger Goodell as a less than exemplary person, but we now see that one of the coaches of the Miami Dolphins who was fired, based on Ted Wells’s report, is now suing Wells for defamation of character in regard to the Richie Incognito fiasco.

The door is now open for Tom Brady’s inevitable lawsuit.

According to Jim Turner, he was hounded and betrayed by Wells in his report. When he did not give Wells what he wanted, the investigator showed his independent streak by maligning Turner.

“Wells is not a good human being,” states Turner in grand understatement.

Hired as an assassin, Wells knows how to dish out the dirt, however untrue or unfair. He did it to Richie Incognito, Jim Turner, and now he has set his firing mechanism on Brady.

Turner insists that Wells is a man doing whatever his boss wants. He is not fair, nor independent. He was paid $3million dollars to eviscerate Tom Brady.

As the court cases come upon us, they may not be receding any time soon. The tide of anger at injustice by a league that makes oodles of money at the expense of young men may be starting to turn into a tsunami.

Roger Goodell better have his life preserver ready.