A Man of No Character and No Decency


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The NFL is not infallible, but their mistakes don’t matter to the process. As long as the process is followed, the Commissioner can do whatever he damn well chooses.

So argue the lawyers for Roger Goodell. Wronged parties can offer evidence, and the Commissioner may sit there and listen, but he does not have to act on any mistake, error, misjustice, or travesty. All the Commissioner has to do is show up.

Despots, czars, kings, emperors, and the like, often run their fiefdoms in the same way.

Tom Brady can present any information or evidence, but the Commissioner can dismiss it—even arbitrarily, and it won’t matter because all Brady is guaranteed is a few hours to present his case.

If you begin to think this is not justice, you may not be alone.

We think a kangaroo court is one in which there seems to be a bureaucratic process—but it is a sham. Roger Goodell runs a sham operation.

He can make mistakes, err, and flub, but it matters not. He has the law of the shop behind him. He can do whatever he wants with impunity—unlike players or coaches or even owners.

If you think the basic rule of fairness has been violated, the Commissioner would say it is irrelevant. He makes the decisions, regardless of what is fair. You have no appeal to that.

Call us jaded by modern sports and law, but this policy and this rule by bubble-headed process is the worst argument and befits the idiot who serves as Commissioner.

Has Roger Goodell no basic decency? No, it is not required by the contract.