Jim Kelly of the Bills: Another Dunce

 DATELINE: Illiterate Macho Men


Featured image Today We Honor Jim Kelly

Another retired quarterback has lost points on his IQ since retirement. Jim Kelly, former Buffalo Bills star, came out and said that Tom Brady should “man up,” to end the Deflate-gate controversies.

Apparently this idiot has not been following the news closely. Can he read? The hearing transcript needs to be put on audio for this former NFL QB.

In his peabrain, to “man up” is to confess guilt to something you didn’t do. Oh, yes, our prisons are filled with those who manned up to their crimes.

If you did not commit a crime, why would you say you did? In Jim Kelly’s machismo world, that’s exactly how you behave.

Confessing to a set up is not exactly taking a bullet for the team.

To allow a conspiracy of liars and media dupes to control one’s destiny is the real crime here.

Jim Kelly may be showing early signs of retirement’s bane. He is out of touch with reality, but he is not alone in the strange belief that you end a problem by confessing guilt even if you are innocent.

Many “men” of the Neanderthal persuasion accept this dictum. Well, they can take that dictum and stick it up their rectum.

We are sick of hearing that Wells never told Brady he would be punished for refusing to give up his phone. We are sick of the fact that Goodell leaked the news of the cell phone and put it into the worst light. We are sick of the fact that Troy Vincent does not know that equipment violations cannot be enforced against players, only teams. We are sick of the entire NFL’s liars club.

If you want to belong to that club, you probably are ready to go on a safari to Africa and shoot endangered animals.