NFLPA Opens a Can of Worms

 DATELINE: Transparency


Featured image  Ted Wells Explains Deflation to Tom Brady


In an effort at transparency, the NFL Players Union released everything. We mean the 172 page transcript of the 10 hour hearing as well as pages and pages of telephone records.

If you want to bury the NFL in its own stink, you drop them into the septic tank.

Since Judge Richard Berman likes transparency, we wonder what on earth Roger Goodell can release to add to the completeness of Brady’s openness.

Clearly Tom Brady feels like there is nothing to hide. He may have dropped his fig leaf, but Roger Goodell now stands as the Emperor with No Clothes.

With 236 exhibits added to their report to the judge, they contend that the four-game suspension needs to be vacated.

It is hard to argue with a man who shows he holds the Royal Straight Flush and that Goodell is bluffing with a pair of deuces—actually the two men on his staff who used to work for the New York Jets.

Goodell now faces trying to show that he was not arbitrary, capricious, or working outside the agreement between the players and the NFL.

It may be hard to make a coherent argument for a series of wildly inconsistent punishments, largely overturned for the past few years owing to their capricious, arbitrary, and extra-agreement judgments.

The massive outpouring of details usually awaits a time when all the principals are dead or historians come to the archives to read this stuff. Now in two weeks, the media’s idiocy will come to the forefront as it finds its members unable to read that much material too quickly.

Jeffrey Kessler knows his client is innocent and has been vilified unfairly. Now the world that is interested in justice can see for itself.