Goodell Told to Jet Back to New York!

DATELINE: Fly By Humor

Featured imageGoodell Reacts to Banner Being Dragged By Plane

A new Deflategate trend has hit the New England area. Over the Patriots playing field during practice, a New York Jet fan paid for a plane to drag a manner overhead, with the distinctly unpleasant message that the Patriots and Brady are cheaters.

“Cheaters Look Up,” disrupted the Patriot training camp.

Head Coach and obtuse observer of Patriot cultural phenomenon, Bill Belichick professed total ignorance at his press conference, not having seen the unpleasant banner. He never looks up—eyes sweeping his roster without fail.

Next day a Patriot fan had a plane fly over (no, not a drone) to speak up on behalf of all who love Tom Brady. Once again, Patriot players were afraid to take note, lest Coach Belichick throw them under the bus.

So, this weekend, at the Maine resort home of Roger Goodell, an enterprising Patriots fan spent untold money to have a plane fly over Goodell’s palatial summer cabin in the wood with the banner message: “Jet Back to New York!”

Of course, fans in the know realize that two people on Goodell’s staff who leaked anti-Patriot and vicious rumors about Tom Brady were former Jets personnel.

Thank heavens they have not taken their rivalry hatred to their new jobs. If they had, Tom would be up on worse than letting air out of balls.

There is no word is the unwelcome mat has been put out in the Great State of Maine, but at least one Mainer has let Goodell know where he can spend his time henceforth.