Brady Shrugged, or The Pressurehead


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The pinhead running the NFL is engaged in exceptionalism. That is, he attacks exceptional people. He himself is so banal and ordinary that we suspect he is using PEDs to improve his performance.

We have only to look at the bubblehead of Roger Goodell to suspect that PEDs are not banned from the Commissioner’s office, only the playing fields.

Atlas may shrug, and Kraft may shrug, but Ayn Rand is rolling in her proverbial grave. Roger Goodell is the epitome of business gone bird brain. Goodell firmly believes that talent and ability are overrated., which is why he wanted Brady to grovel at his feet rather than fight for his honor.

The elderly Commissioner (pushing 60) has hijacked a body belonging to a man much younger—and we are suspicious how he has done it. Can it be steroids?

That would also explain a great deal about his inability to focus, to comprehend, and to adjudicate. Goodell is a man who can never do what Tom Brady has accomplished. His testosterone infused physique belies his inability to do much after suffering from being muscle-bound.

In Goodell’s pea-brain, if he beats Brady, he is better than Brady. He is annoying, and worse, he is dangerous. Of course, we are presuming there is brain activity in the head of a maroon.

We suspect that Brady has touched a nerve in Goodell. We all know the major side-effect of steroids is deflated balls. Does Roger have a secret?