New NFL Rules; Out with Brady’s Crime


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The NFL just handed Tom Brady his “get out of jail free” card.

Over the weekend, Roger Goodell’s cowardly rules writers came up with a series of protocols about how to handle footballs before the game and after the game.

These rules did not exist before this. Now referees must keep measurements and tally the results. On randomly selected games, more intensive measures will be taken.

Well, you cannot be guilty of a retroactive law. No court in the United States of America will uphold rounding up the usual suspects and charging them with a law that was not a crime last year.

We would love to hear Brady’s lawyers claiming the NFL is making up new laws and charging old crimes.

What Goodell seems to be doing is setting up a situation where he will admit the deficiencies of the rules. He will vacate the punishment given to Brady and claim that he will now have a warning not to do anything resembling deflation of balls.

However, Brady has a stronger case now to go to federal courts and say he was discriminated against by the NFL. They charged him with a crime that was not a crime until this weekend.

We suspect that before much time passes, Tom Brady will find himself with a back door pardon. He may even agree to a fine that he bent an equipment rule. He cannot be charged with deflating footballs now because that rule did not exist before today.

Chalk up a victory for the Players Union. Let us be the first to declare Deflate-gate deader than a doornail.