Waiting for the Letters of Transit


Featured image Roger Goodell’s Song and Dance!

The latest news out of Roger Goodell’s office indicates we are dealing with one of the most obtuse people in human history.

Word leaking out from the Commissioner’s office is that they believe the best strategy is the old Nixonian style. They will let Tom Brady twist slowly in the wind.

We are back in Casablance before WW2 where refugees wait, wait, wait, for their letters of transit out of town. Tom Brady wants his get out of jail free card from Goodell’s minions.

Yes, when you lynch someone and destroy their reputation, it is standard practice to drag your feet on any opportunity to end the cruel waiting game.

The Goodell contingent figure they know Tom Brady to be an impatient player who will chomp at the bit to begin practicing and return to the field. So, their method is mad. They will let him stew until he becomes so agitated that he will agree to any looney punishment that Goodell’s halfwit advisors can create.

Have they no decency? Have they no understanding of Tom Brady? He wants his reputation returned in tact. He will not capitulate to their refusal to respond.

The other shoe won’t drop, ergo, Tom cannot file a court appeal to their decision. Yes, if there is no decision, you simply float along the great river of indecision.

In the meantime, drunken arrests of NFL players are now winning three game suspensions. Legitimate felonious crime receives less penalty suspensions than a man who MAY have asked for his footballs to be on the soft side.

We think the only soft thing nowadays is the spongy material between Roger Goodell’s ears. That soft organ has been deflating since he took over the Captain Renault in Casablanca.