Gronk Tells ‘Baby’ Commissh to Grow UP!

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Gronk has had enough. In his dullest interviews, the Patriot big tight somewhat end claims merely, and always, that he is working hard to get better.

The always puerile Gronk is now telling the Commissioner to grow up.

Today he announced he is fed up with Roger Goodell, or “Baby” as he called the Commissioner.

It’s time to “wipe out” that suspension and take everyone off the hook of a bad decision gone wrong virally.

Gronk also expressed a bit of personal worry. He wondered how he will play if Tom isn’t there. Well, Gronk, that is a good point.

How will anyone on the team play if Tom isn’t throwing that underinflated ball?

Gronk is about to be seen on an all-star version of Family Feud in which he refused to be baited about naming something that has inflation problems. “Let’s put his in the past,” he tells CBS.

When Gronk is so irritated that he starts to mouth off, you know that Deflategate has overstayed its welcome.

Yes, Gronk now tells the world that Roger Goodell and his policy is “annoying.” If Gronk is annoyed with you, Mr. Commissioner, you have waited too long for a decision. Now players are starting to show utter disrespect.

The Gronkmeister may be on to something with his new attitude. It’s time to end the charade and cut losses. The biggest loser once again is Goodell who has allowed a molehill to become Mt. Everest.