See You in Court, Mr. Commissioner!


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With Roger Goodell promising a verdict this week, the NFLPA is firing a shot over the Commissioner’s bow when it comes to Tom Brady.

They have let it be known that, unless the four game suspension is totally vacated, there will be a federal court date for the Commissioner.

And, just about everyone who has seen an episode of Perry Mason or Law and Order knows what that means. Goodell is hanging by a thread. He will be on the hot seat, if not the witness stand. It’s no place for the witless.

If intimidation is a factor, the NFLPA has made its point. Tom Brady made his over the weekend, releasing a photo of himself lying on a golf course, before the Grand Teton Mountains. His small daughter was at his side. A large smile was on his face.

Goodell spent his time at the Billionaire Boys Club in Sun Valley, hobnobbing with friends he hopes will give him a job when he is fired as NFL commissioner.

A rabid mob still insists that Tom is equally guilty of crime as Greg Hardy because he would not give up his cell phone for study by the Commissioner. Yes, a fishing expedition into one’s privacy is the first thing football fans are prepared to surrender.

Until someone wants to look at their phone.

Carrying off team loyalty in a losing city becomes onerous after the Patriots beat the tar out of your main street. Hence, so many sore losers are typing out venom on comment sections of various articles on Tom.

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