Four Game Suspension and Off with His Head

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The NFL’s new favorite number is not eight (as in eight ball or black ball). It is four (4) as in games to be suspended.

When they suspended Tom Brady for a bunch of hot air balloons deflated, we had no idea that they would suspend another star for four games a week after Tom had his appeal hearing.

Thus, in the harebrained world of mathematical and statistical science in the Commissioner’s office, we have parity.

Now the NFL, in its infinite wisdom like the Wizard of Oz, has suspended Antonio Gates for four games. They have also suspended Sheldon Richardson for four games for substance abuse. These two causes are nearly as heinous as letting air out of Roger Goodell’s tires.

Gates has admitted he used PEDs (performance enhancing). Apparently using drugs to increase your personal performance is akin to having someone else deflate a football.

In what world are these comparable? In the world of Roger Goodell and Ted Wells there is no difference in the crime.

If you are looking at tea leaves for a reading, there is nothing better than to see two portends: first, Troy Vincent was set loose to hold a press conference and attack the NFLPA for spending too much money on appealing bad sentences—and now they have decided four games is a good number for every crime and infraction in the sport.

Tom’s sentence, in some twisted logic, is now standard, not unusual. What kind of maroons are running the NFL?

We should not ask such questions, lest we become discouraged from watching football games.