No Cheaters or Liars Club for Tom Brady

DATELINE: Excluded & Exclusive
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Tom Brady and his rich and lovely wife Giselle Bunchen have applied for membership in one of the most exclusive country clubs in the country. It is so exclusive that its name is simply The Country Club.

Of course, the membership committee hates any publicity, no matter how much money you have. Worse yet, Tom’s references have grown murky over the past year.

It seems he has been labeled a liar and cheat in the media.

We presume the Country Club of Brookline has members who never deign to read the tabloids. Therefore, he may make a complete pass in that regard. We doubt, however, that many fail to watch CNN or local news. Therein lies the rub. His psi is overwhelming.

We recall the famous story of movie star Victor Mature who was blackballed from an exclusive club for being, heaven help us, an ‘actor.’

To his credit, Mature shot back that he was no actor—and he had 50 movies to prove it.

Tom may be hard-pressed to claim he is no football star and has four Super Bowl rings to prove it.

To enter a truly elite and posh club, we may be out of line to say—but it seems being a liar and cheat would be de rigueur. How else could you gain entry?

Since this club in Brookline (with a limited membership of 1300 intrepid snobs) has exceeded the famous outer limits of 400, we think Tom should not worry about the “good values” clause. They obviously are taking all comers.

However, in the immortal words of Groucho Marx, we would never belong to any club that would have us as a member.