NFL Lynch Mob at Work on Brady

DATELINE: Choking on a Lack of Air

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Tom Brady Faces Roger Goodell and Lynch Mob

The leaks have begun. And, they are coming out of the same people who “knew” or were convinced of Tom Brady’s guilt months ago.

Yes, the first leaks contend that the problem with Tom Brady at the hearing was his lack of credibility. He gave the same answers that he provided originally.

According to the leakers who must have seen the original testimony, there is no proof of his guilt, but his answers were not credible again.

This logic or lack of it has rung out of every person who contends Brady is guilty of deflating footballs. There is no evidence, but they “know” the truth over due process, proof, and evidence.

If you ever saw a movie called The Ox Bow Incident about a lynching out in the old West, you have seen this kind of behavior depicted. It is the classic lynch mob.

In the famous classic film, Major Tetley wears a Confederate uniform 20 years after the Civil War—and abuses his power to hang men without trial or proof. It sounds suspiciously like Goodell and Wells repeating history.

Protesting your innocence is worthless in the minds of a lynch mob and their necktie mentality. So it has been for Tom Brady. The ones calling him cheater and liar have some inner knowledge outside the ken of actual facts and evidence. They don’t need proof to administer their brand of justice.

Roger Goodell didn’t wear an old Confederate uniform to the hearing on Tom Brady—but he wore one metaphorically. A hundred years ago he would have worn white robes. The systematic attitude hasn’t changed when it comes to circumventing justice and denying due process.