Bad Weather a Bad Omen for Tom Brady?

DATELINE: Winds of Prevailing Opinion

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With Tom Brady going into a kangaroo court hearing, the storm warnings have been issued in Boston. While the star QB has gone to meet his fate in the Big Apple, he has left his fans and homeland around Boston with dramatic and increased chance of severe weather.

Meteorologists, often disparaged by Patriot coach Bill Belichick, have offered a dire forecast for the day Tom Brady must face his accusers.

A significant severe weather event may hit Foxboro, according to the National Weather Service. When Ted Wells uses voodoo science, the psi of the day indicates that Massachusetts is at high risk for its first summer squall.

To quote the science that the NFL disparages, “There is the potential for an outbreak of severe storms,” the weather service said, “Including severe thunderstorms that may bring damaging winds (up to 70 mph), golf ball size hail, heavy rain and a risk of isolated tornadoes.”

Tom faces something nearly as bad.

In particular, the Storm Prediction Center has categorized this as a day of bad timing for Brady. Some may want to liken the forecasters as astrologers in the mode of Nostradamus.

Worst weather is scheduled to unleash its fury on New England as Tom’s New York hearing heats up. Many predictions are being tentative because the worst hullabaloo will be dependent on how angry Tom and his lawyers become when Ted Wells stands up at the hearing to defend his voodoo science report.

“If cloud cover remains throughout the morning and into early afternoon, the air is likely to remain more stable and the risk of storm severity will be decreased,” the weather service said.  “If cloud cover clears by midday to early afternoon, the air will become more unstable and the risk of storm severity will be greatly increased.”

If Ted Wells blows hot air into the hearing, you can expect the worst.