Tom, Tom, Charitable Tom

DATELINE: Good Guy Finishing First Featured image Our criticism of the Dudley Do-Right of Deflation has wrought more than pocket change.

Tom-Tom beat the critics over the head with their own critical attitudes, proving us wrong. If he does the same to Roger Goodell at Tuesday’s Deflation hearing, he will be the golden boy again. Within 24 hours of another one of our scathing insults,

Tom Brady’s publicity machine went into full gear. If we were wrong, we were wrong in 170,000 ways. Tom, it seems, is a man without need to rip dollars out of the public coffers. His wife is a high priced model, after all. So, the chicken feed paid by Salem State University did not go for paying for a helicopter as transportation.

Tom divided up the huge speaking fee given him by a public university among some of his favorite charities. At least, that is what the story said a day after bad publicity. You can’t go into an NFL hearing with a tarnished halo.

The high priced handlers of Brady now insist that he gave most of the speaking fee to his own charitable foundation called Best Buddies. (It almost sounds like a page out of Hillary Clinton’s speaking fee book).

So, Tom is back in the good graces of good grace. Evil critics have been banished from the kingdom of Patriot Place, and all is right in the world—well, at least until the nemesis wizard Roger Goodell is sent packing at his Inquisition on Deflation.