Tom Brady Takes a Bad Publicity Hit and Changes It

 DATELINE:  The Cost of a Stone Wall

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No sooner do you say Deflategate, but Tom Brady has opened up another can of worms. Yes, Tom is now involved in Speechgate. Talk is cheap, except when you accept exorbitant fees to make sound and fury that signify nothing.

Twenty-four hours after the Wells Report damned him as a cheat and liar, Tom Brady went to Salem State University (having moved on to the big-time from being Salem State College). He charged them $175,000 for a minor and inconsequential chat and arrived in a helicopter.

He promptly refused to discuss Deflategate with the host of the event and with the audience. He smiled while taking the money and running.

So, the big reason to see Brady became a chance to see his stone walling technique.

Brady told the adoring throng that he had not yet digested the news of the Wells Report. He could have said anything and the crowd would have loved him. It was not nice.

However, to take money from a “foundation” (not technically the state college) seems disingenuous. No taxpayer money paid for his non-speech. There is no record that he returned the money to the nonprofit charitable foundation.

Tom is a conservative. You better believe he pockets the money—especially now that he could lose millions in paychecks to the Goodell kangaroo court.

If ever Tom has made a misstep, it is not in deflating footballs, but taking money from a charity. Millionaires are supposed to give to causes that help people. You don’t take.

That’s our take on Tom’s generosity. But within 24 hours, our take was proven wrong. See the next piece.