Ring Bearer and Rumor Monger Tom Brady

DATELINE: Time and Tide

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Time and Tide wait on no man.

Unless you are Tom Brady.

With a few weeks to go before the big hearing to decide if Tom will miss four games, or if the NFL wants to continue to shoot itself in the head, there appears to be some movement in the rumor mill that hints at some kind of exoneration for Brady.

Independent analysts (not hired by Goodell or the Patriots) now are calling the Wells Report “seriously flawed.” Gee, ya think? The New York Times has joined the cacophony.

After being paid millions for his hatchet job, Lawyer Ted Wells has begun to take on the look of a wolverine. Why is he so antagonistic to Tom Brady? Why did he flip the coin and always find tales to blame the Patriot QB?

Some rumors say that the penalty must be vacated, lest silent Tom and his high-powered attorneys will go to the court of legal fairness—far beyond the Goodell Kangaroo Court Martial.

In the meantime Tom will join all his teammates from the Super Bowl team at the big BBQ over at Bob Kraft’s manse where the duped owner will dole out jewel-encrusted rings to the winners. It is a private affair, sort of like a religious ceremony on a Sunday morn. It’s also Flag Day.

The team will be expected privately to rally ‘round the flag and Tom Brady, which are nearly synonymous in these Patriot Place parts.

Whether Roger Goodell decides to give Tom Brady back his good name will go a long way to deciding if Roger Goodell will ever have a good name.

In the meantime Tom’s silence with the media is golden. He is stockpiling the ammo. If Goodell doesn’t see the big guns by now, he better praise the Lord.