Your Future President Speaks About Tom Brady

DATELINE: Deleted Deflategate Email

Featured image Sen. Ted Cruz

If ever you needed proof that politicians will say anything to be elected, you have only to scratch the surface of Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican running for President of the United States.

Earlier this week Cruz embarrassed himself by telling a bad joke about Veep Joe Biden on the day his son died of brain cancer.

When you’re on a roll, call Henny Youngman to wipe that stain off your pants.

Not one to let grass grow under his mossy brain, Cruz went to a Massachusetts political rally and promptly declared that Tom Brady has been framed on the issue of Deflategate.

This was meant to fire up the Tea Party Patriots and patriots.

This certainly gained him some goodwill in a place where he usually finds little.

In his inimitable style of hyperbole, he went one better than his rousing, but faux, defense of Tom Brady.

In the tradition of Joe McCarthy and other demagogues, he cried out that Tom had been framed. And what’s more, Cruz knew who the offending figure might be: no, it’s not Denny Hasbert, indicted former Speaker of the House.

Cruz immediately blamed Hillary Clinton. She framed Tom Brady, and the proof is in her deleted emails. Yikes, now we know when to take a candidate seriously.

With material like a bad Biden joke and a shot at Clinton, we wonder why Ted Cruz wasn’t named David Letterman’s replacement.

Oh, we forgot. Cruz is about as funny as a migraine.