Brady Faces the Scarlet Letter If Guilty

DATELINE: A Study in Scarlet Lettering

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Berated by Lesser Mortals

Fans plan to hold a Sunday morning rally at Gillette Stadium to support the beleaguered Tom Brady whose integrity and reputation have gone down the storm pipe in the past two weeks.

There will forever be a taint on his number 12. It will follow him to the Hall of Fame. Like Roger Maris, some NFLosers want to place an asterisk next to his name.

Henceforth, if Roger Goodell has his vile way, Tom will wear the notorious Scarlet Letter that will be sent down from Salem by inflatable balloon to Foxboro. It is now the place where the new witchhunt is being carried out.

A large contingent of illiterates and sorts who might like to try on a white robe say that Brady should plead guilty. Yes, even if he is innocent. Perhaps he resists the suspension because he honestly knows he is innocent.

We suspect that somewhere in a world of just decisions, the suspension shall be overturned. If it is not, Brady will be damned for all time. He will become the new Philip Nolan. No, you illiterates, he did not play football. He was the man sent into exile forever for damning the NFL.

If a civil court does not restore Tom’s honor, there may not be much reason to return to the place that has defamed him, to ownership that backed off its support, and to rabid road fans that will heap scorn upon him.