Seahawk or Mariner: What’s the Difference?

DATELINE: Baseball Delfates

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If you lived in Boston and stayed up late on Saturday night to watch the Red Sox play the Seahawks, or whatever that baseball team is called, you had a wake up call.

Around sixth inning, the rabid Mariner fans of Seattle began to hyperventilate, foam at the mouth, and confused their sports teams and seasons. Yes, Mariner fans began the non-sequitur chant, “Brady cheated.” One of the largest crowds of the baseball season came to the game to seek revenge on Tom Brady.

With the four-game suspension hanging in the balance, the Mariner fans spewed forth their venom.

Yes, indeed, the Red Sox suffered a deluge of Boston strong hate. Since most of the Sox (like most players) are not native Bostonians, it may have bounced off their waterproof backsides.

A few Sox, like David Ortiz, are like Brady—adopted New Englanders. They heard the hubbub, and since Brady came to Opening Day ceremonies to honor the Sox, there had to be some animus.

With the Seahawks ace, King Kong Felix the Cat, on the mound, the Red Sox didn’t stand a chance—insane chants and a genuine ace.

However, don’t let yourselves be deflated, New England. The Red Sox rose to the occasion and deflated the Mariners.

Like the Super Bowl in February, this game went east and the Seattle fans went south.