Tom Brady Sets Off for the Emerald City

DATELINE: Tom Brady Falls into Rabbit Hole

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We may soon have the answer to the question: is Roger Goodell a crack baby?

He wants to be the impartial judge at Tom Brady’s hearing.

Apparently, the Queen of Hearts is not satisfied that his hired commission filed a biased report. He is not happy yet that his Vice President of Torture and Cruelty has sent Tom Brady packing for four games. Tom is about to enter Wonderland.

Perhaps Goodell now wants a chance to increase the punishment to a full season while wearing a Cheshire Cat grin.

Goodell has always been a sucker for a Passion Play, and now he looks at his greatest role: Pontius Pilate. He will hear Brady, hear the mob crying for his head, and he will wash his hands after saying to Tom, “What is truth?”

It’s not much to Roger Goodell. He will have a chance to make himself the central character in a scenario that is designed to destroy the game he purports to love and his reputation, which we thought he loved.

What does this man gain by being judge, jury, and executioner? We are not looking at Oliver Wendell Holmes in robes here. We are looking at Judge Roy Bean on a jackass among the cacti.

Goodell plans to turn his former friend Robert Kraft into Joseph of Arithamea who owned a tomb near the site of the crucifixion of Jesus and gave it to the dead man.

Brady ought to call Sister Helen Prejean because he too is a dead man walking.

If Goodell wants to force Tom Brady to walk away from the NFL, he is laying the yellow brick road now. If Tom wants to meet the Wizard, he may find only a little man hiding behind the curtain.