Brady’s Hired Gun Coming to Town

 DATELINE: Ominous Clouds for NFL

Featured image Goodell Faces Kessler

If the NFL thought they had the best hired gun in sports law with Ted Wells, the angry lawyer for Roger Goodell may be about to find out he should leave town immediately.

Tom Brady is going for the big guns. He has hired Jeffrey L. Kessler to represent him.

This means Brady is going for the jugular and going for more than overturning his suspension. He plans to dismantle the career of Roger Goodell piece by piece.

The Commissioner is about to take on his new role as Richard III, looking for a horse in exchange for the NFL. Alas, Brady’s new mouthpiece is hired gun Jeffrey L. Kessler.

Kessler will likely have all the available horses rounded up before Goodell can find one.

Kessler is the foremost antitrust lawyer in the country.

This is what is called an uh-oh moment for the NFL. Kessler has taken on the NFL, the NBA, and MLB, and won in all cases. He was the man responsible for overturning Latrell Sprewell’s suspension for going into the stands and beating up fans.

Imagine what Kessler will do when he is defending the NFL version of Mother Teresa! Brady will come across as Apollo bringing truth and beauty to America’s youth.

Kessler also defended Belichick against the New York Jets back in the day. Do you think Tom has consulted Belichick and Kraft on this matter?

Commissioner Goodell needs an arbitrator of impeccable credentials to handle this appeal by Brady. No one in his right mind will take the job, leaving it to Goodell himself: a recipe for disaster.

Kessler will likely lick his chops at Ted Wells, who is already imploding over charges that he is a money-seeking hack who did a bag job. After Kessler is done, Wells will go far.