Ted Wells Kicks Tom Brady’s Bucket

DATELINE: Hired Guns of the Law

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And the worm turned. He has turned into a snake in the greasy grass.

Ted Wells is not taking criticism in good grace. After sticking a knife into Tom Brady’s back, he has defended his report as convincing to any civil jury.

Wells has come out swinging, defending his hatchet job as the work of a man with an axe against those who hold their smartphones in sanctimonious privacy.

Wells would hang Edward Snowden for revealing the truth.

He omits discussing that for a few dollars more he defended the cigarette industry against medical evidence. Yes, here is a man of honor looking for truth.

His quest is so defensive that it makes his report even more suspect than the idea that a man is guilty of “more probably” than “likely not.”

With jurors like this, you would go to jail for any infraction—unless you hired his firm to defend you.

It would appear that Aaron Hernandez hired the wrong gun to shoot his way out of court. It is not too late for Hernandez to bring on Ted Wells and his law firm of Ninja defenders to save him from a double murder charge.

Alas, it is too late for Tom Brady. Whatever the appeals and reversals, his reputation is sullied and devastated forever. Character assassination is like that. It lingers.

As a great writer once said, the good may be interred with your bones, but the stench of wrongdoing will follow you for an eternity.

Ted Wells has turned Tom Brady into Dracula while he remains a cockroach.

And, he made a pretty penny doing it.