Brady’s Appeal to Public Opinion

 DATELINE: Banana Appeal Humor

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Within three days Tom Brady must file an official appeal to Roger Goodell, or his lack of a request means he accepts the injustice meted out. If this were sex appeal, Brady would be all over it.

Oh, there will be an appeal—and more. This is more like a banana peel. It will be slippery.

Fans are already demanding that the Super Bowl victory celebration be postponed until Tom Brady is present.

It is hard to see Roger Goodell coming to Gillette Stadium in early September for a ceremony in which fans will storm the field and chase him out of town with tar and feathers.

Since the Commissioner has now disdained the Patriots, why would he come to Foxboro to raise a banner? Who would welcome him after he and his office have dismissed the success as a result of cheating?

Now we realize the Patriots should have boycotted the White House until Brady could be present. Now we realize that Obama’s Deflategate jokes stink to high heaven.

Tom Brady must avoid any and all NFL functions hereafter. He must lead fans in their indignation that, if there is now a rule about Deflation, the NFL must mete out its authority with fairness to all.

The attorney of Brady, Don Yee, must file a lawsuit in federal court, charging the NFL with racketeering—and Roger Goodell with character assassination.

Without a day in court, Tom Brady has been defamed, a man deemed guilty without benefit of trial or proof. He has been found guilty of more probably than not wanting his footballs lighter than 12psi.

The NFL has thrown up a brick at the free throw line.