Tom Brady Should Be Tried as a Juvenile


Featured image Brady Underinflates Balls

We recall with a big laugh when the defense team of Aaron Hernandez referred to his decision-making as that of a “kid.”

We are now recommending the same designation for Tom Brady. He should be tried as a juvenile for the crime of Deflategate.

Lately Brady’s decision making has shown a marked deterioration into early adolescence.

Example One is his infamous jump off the cliff into the pool of forty feet below in Belize, which could have been in Costa Plenty if some freak accident occurred to the star QB.

Example Two is his rush to appear in a juvenile movie with the other overgrown adolescent Marky Mark in which the adults cavort with their childhood Teddy Bear.

Example Three has been Tom’s attempt to keep down with the irrepressible Peter Pan of the Patriots, Gronk. Yes, Gronk spikes the ball, hollers and carries on—and after touchdowns, we have been surprised to find Brady matching his dumb down teammate.

Example Four is his appearance on Youtube in a giant bunny costume, being chased around the family estate by his son. It looks the White Rabbit took the wrong pill.

The evidence is mounting that people are never growing up. Certainly spiking the ball and then deflating the ball are all actions of adolescent demeanor—unless we have misidentified our stages of life.

We are seeing and seeing immaturity excused more and more often as men remain boys well into the years of gray hair.

In Tom’s case, he may be into middle-aged crazy, or just having a second childhood.