The Commissioner Rings Twice for Tom Brady

DATELINE: Raising the Ghost of James Cain

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According to the comic book newspaper called the New York Daily News, sensation at its most exaggerated, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will suspend Tom Brady of the Patriots for six to eight games.

Some purveyors of jungle justice want Brady suspended for a year for a finding of more guilty than not. If we applied that logic to Aaron Hernandez, he’d be out with a slap on the wrists before Brady makes another pass.

Since Goodell has trouble assessing crime and punishment, he has let wife beaters and child abusers off with less time.

A man who probably, most likely, could have been guilty, will find he has more punishment for telling hacks to deflate a football or two.

Then, again, we aren’t sure what exactly he told them.

Never let that stop the wheels of injustice from grinding you up.

In all likelihood, based on the noise his agent is making, lawyer Donald Yee will take Goodell to court for defamation of character. Yikes, the NFL now has so much power and money, bloated self-importance, it is prepared to shoot itself in the foot. If only it had a brain.

Since other owners hate the Patriots, this is known as poetic justice. In the literature of James Cain, noted crime novelist, you are always found guilty for the crime you didn’t commit instead of the heinous one you did.

The mind boggles at what Brady really did. However, he will be punished for what he didn’t do.

There will be appeals and court dockets ahead. It will be the Last Hurrah for either the great quarterback or the less than great commissioner.

We believe the Fall of the Roman Empire started under similar circumstance. NFL should take note.