Tom Brady for President!


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With more nitwits running for the Republican nomination than we can count on two hands, we now feel the time is ripe for Tom Brady to throw his deflated football into the ring.

Look out, GOP wannabes. Here’s the real article.

Yes, Tom has now proven he is cut from presidential timber. He is an acknowledged obfuscator, a dyed in the wool liar, and a prevaricator of the highest challenges. He is ready to lead the country.

Brady has a mouthpiece biting down hard on the hand that feeds him. He basically called the bag job report by Ted Wells a sting job done at the behest of Roger Goodell. He has taken on the NFL, just like JFK took on Big Steel 50 years ago.

Deflategate is Brady’s Profile in Courage!

Though it takes little courage to profile Goodell for the fool he is, Tom has tackled the bubble head of his league. There are few gentlemen playing pro football, and Tom is butting heads with the thickest of them.

When you play with murderers, you learn how to bury the bodies.

Brady might be #12 entering the presidential Republican sweepstakes, but he can take out Lard-ass Christie, RuPaul, Rubik’s Cubio, and Dr. Carson we presume, without an assist from Gronk.

New Hampshire is up the road, loaded with Patriot fans that are angry with the media and the NFL. It’s time for Tom to tap into the grassroots support.

Already we have seen non-lawyers and non-Senators going for the nomination. Tom certainly falls into the non-Washington type for sure. Fox will eat it up, even if ESPN starts to choke.

Tom can lead a new Boston Tea Party by dumping Roger Goodell into Boston Harbor. His motto: “No Indictments Without a Trial.”