Mob Justice Is Not Justice for Tom Brady




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A lynch mob is never reasonable. They cannot hear rational argument and just need to foam at the mouth. Hanged victims of racism were abused and the mob felt justified in their indignation: they didn’t like the victim.

Tom Brady is not the victim of racism. He is the victim of something far more trivial. Imagine if people want to destroy a man because he is rich, married to a beautiful woman, has had a charmed life—and they didn’t.

What a reason to destroy a man’s reputation and career. It is the worst kind of petty jealousy.

Yet, if you read comments after various stories, the axe falls on Brady’s neck. He becomes the Headless Patriot, forever cast into the afterlife of vengeance. These killer clowns do not care. They taste blood and want more.

You are now seeing the rule of life in the gladiator arena almost 2000 years ago. You do not need a time machine. Just read the comments being made—and you will be transported to the Auto de Fe, to a stoning, to a burning at the stake, to a trial by water.

Why do we think people calling for Brady’s suspension for a year are the same people who would torch a car in Baltimore and throw rocks at a policeman?

Oh, wrong city. Try Vancouver. Oh, wrong fans. Those were hockey fans.

But you see the point. We are talking about a mentality that is a moveable feast for headhunters and rioters.