Persons of Interest: Final Deletions+Control



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                                                                    We love to hate them.

Usually these end of season shows for Person of Interest turn into a mess of chaos as they try to create cliffhangers, resolve stories, and predict the future.

As of season’s end, the series is NOT renewed by callous CBS for another year. Since CBS creates its own low ratings by constantly making the show a victim of endless hiatuses, they have to take the blame for the fall-off in ratings. CBS is worse than Samaritan—and the network’s intelligence is not artificial.

That brings us to the rumored bloodbath to end the fourth year. As usual, the demise quotient seems to center on the delightful second tier of stars—those wonderful characters that have given the show such resonance—its minor villains: Elias, Dominic, Greer, and Control are among our favorite semi-regulars. But if the show returns, they may not. Of course, no one is ever truly dead on this series; you just recover them from the thumb drive.

With the end pending Deux ex Machine has become more animated when facing death at the hands of its arch-rival AI—and speaks to Harold, the spiritual father of intelligence with human sensitivity.

Whether parting is sweet sorrow, or deleting files is just another means to deal with viruses, only your friendly techie can say.

We will have to wait to learn the fate of Shaw, taken prisoner by Samaritan weeks ago. She goes into the bin of lost files with the others.

Person of Interest continues to bring back long departed characters for pivotal minor roles—and did so again in the finale. This is one of the most clever and entertaining TV series of the new Millennium. We suspect our favorites will pull off MacArthur-styled returns in a slow fade.

We’d hate to see the show fall victim to the usual run of dumb-bell shows with formulaic plots. What survives is always second-rate. Thank heavens Netflix is picking up shows and breathing new life into them. Our beloved Machine may come back on a new cable system. It seems like poetic justice.