Deflatable or Indefatigable? Tom Brady Undone

DATELINE: Coming UndoneFeatured image

Tom Brady only looks like the 40-year old virgin.

In truth, he seems to be as corrupt as some of the notorious cases of recent years. Oh, he has not murdered anyone like a former teammate. He has not abused his children with a hickory stick, like one infamous imbecile. He has not knocked his wife out with a haymaker, like an elevator going down. Instead, he has betrayed a generation.

Not good for a cultural icon.

No, Brady refused to share his emails or to cooperate with the investigation. After all, it was not a Congressional subpoena. It was not even like the D.A. of Fall River sending detectives to his fancy mansion with a search warrant.

Brady seems to share a great deal with Richard Nixon, the Watergate President. Brady is the Deflategate Quarterback. There has been a white wash at the Patriot stadium.

If Brady had any political aspirations, they went up in smoke today, like a missed visit to the White House.

Besmirched, bewildered, befuddled, and now tainted with the hot air of a pigskin under the needle, Tom Brady begins to look like every other two-bit, egomaniacal superstar athlete. He is above the law, above the fray, and above recrimination. Well, at least in his own little mind.

We have always loved Tom Brady, but perfection seemed to irk us. Now we have a hero with feats of clay.

Alas, the Hall of Fame within his reach may be limited to Patriot Place after this mess.

Tom, say it ain’t so. Well, he can, but who’d believe him?