Gronk & Edelman Up a Tree



There’s trouble in Paradise. Public spats used to be the purview of Burton and Taylor and Bogie and Bacall.

Yep, our two favorite Patriots are now up a tree throwing a hissy fit.

Now public spats are the stuff of new legends–Gronk and Jules. The two Pats are no longer patting each other’s rumps. It seems they are traveling in Los Angeles on different planes of being. It’s bad karma after a Super Duper Bowl party.

Once inseparable Vegas types who left the rumors swirling of what happened in Vegas staying in Vegas, they now are a couple of LA-LA boys whose Sunsets Boulevards are crossing Wilshire and Vine, heading to the LaBrea Tar Pits.

Gronk and Jules are putting up their dukes on Twitter for a few choice words about how “I invite your fake ass out,” only to be met with a tightwad bad date.

Going Dutch has its advantages, but Dutch on the Downlow may be too high a price for Gronk. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or a slot receiver taking on his tightest end.

We haven’t seen such fireworks since James Franco and Seth McFarland made a movie together.

Gronk and Jules can surely make a pretty picture.

We begin to wonder who will be named in the divorce suit for alienation of affection.

As for now, Julian Edelman is trying to shame his living end as a power play. When you are half the man size of Gronk, you have to play every card.

Alas, the best part of this LA trip will be played off camera and out of the reach of Twitter.