Stiffing Players, Waiters, & Fans: the Patriots Way


My busboy

Stiffing the Patriots Busboy

Bill Belichick has been left shipwrecked on Revis Island.

Someone in the Patriots front office forgot to tell him that when you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way—from your first interception to your last Super Bowl ring.

If the spit hits the fan, you can figure he is in Gillette Stadium. Darrelle Revis will never be alone. He will have almost 50 million little green friends guaranteed.

If you know the Pats, you know that money never stands between them and letting a player go somewhere else.

When you’re a Jet, with a capital J, the Patriots will cart you away.

Revis did thank Patriot Nation for a good time in a simple tweet, but couldn’t help but rub a little salt in the wound by proving he was a hired gun for one season.

Unfortunately, Shane never came back—and neither will Revis. That’s the problem with hired guns. You have to pay them, Kraft billionaires.

You never know how these $40million contracts will turn out. Six weeks after you sign, there could be multiple murder charges in an outstanding warrant negating the deal. Just ask the Patriots.

If you noted that the Patriots also let Browner go, Wilfork take a hike, and Vereen go the Pippin route, you may start to worry that the Dolphins and Jets may be a growing menace.

There are those who still trust in Bill Belichick, but he continues to stiff the waiters and NFL players. Someone on the waitstaff is going to drop a plate of hot tamales in his lap one of these days.