More Secrets about Moonbats on the Moon

DATELINE: Movie Mashup on the Moon

Klaatu & Gort

Another mockumentary gathers together dark side insider dope of the Moon. We love our crypto-history from NASA presented to us with a new SyFy movie called Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed.

We cannot eat enough of these bogus computer chips.

Director Robert Kiviak assembles the usual crew of experts you see on fake science TV shows like Ancient Aliens or Hangar One every week to tell us that NASA and the government is covering up a large colony of spying aliens on the Moon. They’re protecting schmuck citizens from panic.

The film’s documentarians show us various colorized photos of the Moon featuring gun turrets, radio satellite dishes, and smoke stacks. Apparently the aliens are still using turbine technology and rudimentary satellite waves.

The most intriguing parts of the film feature Buzz Aldrin, brutally misused and set up to sit by quietly while the film duns him for not revealing that he and Neil Armstrong saw aliens parked over near a dune on the Moon, observing them during the 1969 Moon landing.

The highlight of the film is one expert billed as Amy Shira Teitel. It is actually the actress you see on all the AT&T commercials at the store, telling you about the virtues of their cell phones. This time she is billed as a “spaceflight historian” and seems a bit more starched than when she shills cell phones.

The structures found on the Moon are enormous, standing miles high or miles wide. These facilities might actually have convinced us—but the obligatory alien body is unearthed from a bootleg copy of Apollo 20’s mission. Oh, you didn’t know about Apollo 20 going to the dark side of the Moon?

Disinformation is the bread and butter of crypto-history when the dead alien video features a naked female, glistening in a cellophane shroud. We had to watch it a second time.