Stupidity over Cupidity in the NFL


crying jag


The sensitive Pete Carroll motivated team featured a crying quarterback, guaranteed to win the bleeding heart crowd of liberal fans.

Russell Wilson was overwrought and overcome by emotion. It was so bad that the dumb as they come Seahawks organization sent out a tweet on MLK Day that compared Wilson to Martin Luther King.

Later they apologized for being idiots with no sense of civil rights.

They would have done better by playing the deflategate card. Yes, indeed, the sore losers in the NFL continue to cry foul over Bill Belichick.

This time he has let the air out of the game.

It takes a blowhard to inflate a football, but it takes a satanic majesty to win the game by deflating the positive. If both teams use the same ball during the game, and one team wins by a large margin, the other team needed more steam in their balls.

What we have here is a failure of good sportsmanship.

A suspect Indianapolis hack writer has put out a story that is meant to distract the Patriots during Super Bowl preparation time. It is also meant to taint the legacy of Tom Brady who seldom loses home games.

By suggesting the balls have been tampered with at Gillette Stadium, you surely are hinting that Tom’s victories are suspect.

It’s bad enough that the New England Patriots are now accused of deflating their balls, we now hear that the Boston Celtics are worried about Kelly Olynyk and his down low game.

If Kelly is off the down low game, where does that leave his constant companion Phil Pressey?

What’s the matter with sports today?