Colts Self-Destruct on Mission Impossible



Indy Colts are looking ragged on the night before the big game.

Two more players have been removed from their roster prior to the AFC champion game with the Patriots.

One player chose not to participate in their biggest game of the season “for personal reasons.” Come again?

Then a second player missed the plane to New England. This is the sort of thing that makes Jonas Gray look like the most reliable man on the Patriot squad.

If this is the underlying style, behavior, and reaction, of Colt players, we might think Chuck Pagano is not such a wonderful coach after all. We just cannot imagine a player oversleeping and missing an important team moment on a Belichick team–or living to tell about it.

And, if there are personal reasons to prevent a Patriot from playing, you can bet your bottom dollar that the person who has the reason is Bill Belichick.

Trent Richardson and Xavier Nixon are the ones. We think you may not find these gentlemen on the Colt roster come next summer.

If the Colts want to provide bettors and fans with reasons to abandon ship before the kickoff, you may add Josh McNary and ask how contrary can a team be?

You might expect problems in this vein to emerge during the training camp, but to have these issues blow up during practice week for the AFC Championship, you have to wonder what we don’t know and don’t see.

Well, you will see it on the field sometime during a heavy rainstorm in Foxboro on Sunday night. In the meantime, we can tell Colt fans something they already know: when it rains, it pours.