Your Indy Colts Suffer Strike One

DATELINE: Hernando’s Hideaway

oak island

Nope, It’s Not Oak Island

If you need another reason to root, root, root for the New England Patriots, the Colts have counted among their membership a rapist. The offending Colt has been sent into exile.

Josh McNary has officially been charged with rape and, while he stews in his own juices, guilty or not, he will sit in on the Commissioner’s special Exempt List. It’s worse than the curse of Oak Island because you have no chance of hitting paydirt. The paydirt hits you.

For those unfamiliar with this particular place in the pantheon of stars, it is not anywhere near Canton, Ohio.

It could be considered somewhere east of Eden in the land of Nod.

It is certainly in the same latitudes at Pitcairn Island and west of Kong’s Island. It is the land from where no traveler returns until found not guilty.

As we recall, it was one of the hotspots on Prospero’s itinerary and it was called more generically Limbo.

You may do the limbo while in Limbo, but Josh McNary may not feel like dancing for the foreseeable future.

Like Brigadoon, the Exempt List of Mr. Goodell appears out of a mist every once in a while and carries off any unsuspecting visitor. In the case of McNary, it carries off a suspect visitor.

This lost world bears no resemblance to the world created by Conan Doyle, nor even by Conan O’Brien. It is strictly the world of Roger Goodell. And, that makes it worse than the isle of Dr. Moreau.

The Exempt List is the Brave New World of NFL stars and their player counterparts that are misfits in the fantasy life of football fans.