Person of Interest: Midseason Adjustments

DATELINE:  Control Bites Dog

Interesting Persons

Readers who follow this blog know our predilection for Person of Interest, perhaps one of the most intriguing series ever to appear on network TV.

Last week one of the principal characters was apparently killed off, not innovative in itself. They did the same a year ago to another major star. This blog never likes to spoil anything, but the spoils of weekly TV are here in this column.

This week’s episode did amuse us as the show put complete focus on Control, the CIA house villain. Played by Camryn Menheim, a literal heavy, Control hijacked the series.

We must admit that when your series introduction disappears and a semi-regular villain appears as a major character for the first teasing sequence, we were not surprised. We were shocked when Control continued to be the main focus of the show through the first two commercial breaks.

Only after what seemed like an eternity, about 25 minutes, did the regulars appear—and then as ironic villains, helping terrorists. What gives?

This is a daring and original TV series, likely to charm and titillate regular fans. Person of Interest has become the sentient sentinel of the death of privacy in America as a supercomputer has taken over the nation.

By show’s end, it appeared to us that the wonderful Menheim’s Control character was about to become a believer in our vigilante protectors of privacy. The Manchurian Candidate has come full circle.

Suspicious, Control visits the scene where Shaw was apparently killed in a firefight on the previous episode. She asks if the scene has been sanitized—and it has literally, with fresh paint still on the walls.

The look on Camryn Menheim’s face as she ran a finger over the wet paint makes us thrilled she is coming over to the right side. This is must-see TV.