Raven Wings Clipped and Referee Flags Wave Yellow


fulvous yellow

When the Ravens came to Foxboro town, you knew they would be tough opponents. And, as often happens in the NFL, the tougher opponents were the men in pinstripes.

If ever there was an obstacle for Tom Brady to overcome, it was the officiating. Calling penalties on Darrelle Revis (equaling in one half his entire season total), the referees did their utmost to hand the game over to the Ravens.

With much help from the ‘impartial’ judges, the Ravens seemed to move with impunity up and down the field. The Patriots looked hapless, catching up only to fall behind again.

Patriot defense looked tired and helpless at times. But, someone turned the switch in the second half. As in many successful seasons, the turnovers turned over just at the right time. The wind was snatched out from under the Ravens’ wings.

The true difference was the odd decisions of the coaches of the Ravens. Harbaugh always sounded like a maniacal laugh to us. His coaching style mimicked that description.

In Foxboro field, the Raven losses blew between their defensive linemen, row on row, yard upon yard. In the sky the Ravens still bravely flied, scarcely hearing a cheer from the crowd below.

When the Ravens trying to pluck out the eyes of Tom Brady (and one eye looked fairly swollen, red, and blind), the Patriots nearly died a hundred times, with their dreams of Super Bowl rings looking to fade away.

Joe Flacco (the Italian word for flaccid) seemed out of breath and out of luck when his impressive record of passing without interceptions came to a crashing halt in the second half.

Loved by fans, the Patriots and Tom Brady were not about to be buried in the Foxboro fields.

Taking up their quarrel with the referees, their worst foe, and nearly succumbing to Tom’s failing throws, the crowd felt momentarily torched, as if the only thing awaiting them now was the 2024 Olympics.

If Bill Belichick broke faith with fans, there would be hell to pay. We saw the yellow flags blowing in the wind chill of Foxboro fields, and knew our day would be rounded with a little, well-deserved sleep.

The referees likely would answer to the NFL for not having tipped the game the way they planned it.

The Patriots would live to play another day.