NFL Weekend with Lulu & Her Three Ugly Stepsisters

DATELINE: Dubious Games

NFL’s Wildcard Weekend proves that many bad teams are heading toward the Super Bowl.

We could not believe that teams that made such inept errors were the best the season had to offer. Turnovers and popovers seemed like hors d’oeuvres no one wanted to eat on New Year’s Eve—but here they were again, on Wildcard Weekend. And there are two gamesDumb America more hiding in the tall grass.

Bon appetit indeed.

Perhaps the pressure and stress undid the Ravens, Steelers, Jaguars, and Cardinals. Yet, we had the nagging feeling after seeing bad punts, mental errors, and uninspiring play that the winner of the playoffs will be in default sooner than Sony Pictures.

Maybe Congress needs to pass a bad football forgiveness bill. They would have to agree, no matter what party, that a Super Bowl party in 2015 may be less than scintillating. Yeah, we heard the Halftime star is some nobody without a hit to her name. Bring back Madonna.

If wild football weekend proved anything definitive, it was that bad teams can win games—and good teams had better not pout. Four bad teams are enough to make us go cold turkey and drink Wild Turkey for Wildcard Weekend.

The quality of entertainment in American culture seems to be taking a swan dive, whether it is comedy about assassinating political leaders or remaking a classic TV series about the CIA.

Not Gay

What can you expect when fired NFL coaches are the hottest choice to coach another bad team. The more mediocrity changes, the more it remains static.

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