Rogen & Franco Join the Pantheon of Great Couples

DATELINE: Double Trouble (Gay Gagnam Style)

Gay Role Models

Gay Role Models?


Since looking at The Interview, we have been trying to put Seth Rogen and James Franco into perspective in the history of Hollywood.

They have all the resonance of Burns & Allen, though they might also share many characteristics with Burton & Taylor.

They do indeed resemble a great comedy team, featuring a helpless straight man and a ditzy sidekick.

They share the passion of an illicit set of lovers bound to make legendary bad movies together while in the midst of a torrid romance. We may even see them marry and remarry their careers.

They may be as mundane as Abbott & Costello, or they may be as benighted as Laurel & Hardy.

We can actually see Franco & Rogen remaking the shocking 1931 gay short comedy “Their First Mistake,” wherein Laurel alienates the affections of Mr. Hardy and is so named by his wife in their divorce papers.

We already see the irony of having the fat guy become the straight man to the nutty sexual ambivalence of the thin guy in an ironic rematch of A&C Meet Frankenstein.

Their closest equivalent on the screen today is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. And we know who wears the pants and directs the movies in that marriage. They are not Kim and Kayne because the wrong one has a big butt.

Great historical gay couples like Alexander the Great & Bagoas, Hadrian & Antinous, Damon & Pythias or Jonathan & David never provided us with quite so many laughs. In their ancient sex lives, tragedy was easier compared to comedy.

Ultimately Rogen and Franco must remind us of Lucy & Ricky, endlessly tormenting movie stars and celebrities on their series of media adventures. By dint of dullards, Rogen & Franco really have become a great couple of role models for gay youth.

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