TomTom Brady & the Grinch

 DATELINE: Belichick’s Best Friend

TomTom with Debill Bill

Tom Brady seems unable to see the picture clearly.

TB12 has crunched the numbers again and restructured his contract to save the Patriots upwards of $24million. In this day and age of bigger and bigger contracts, Tom wants less—and will receive a helluva lot more.

He apparently wants the Kraft family to use the money to sign some of his favorite players.

The previous occasion that Tom gave the Krafts some of his salary in hopes of signing Wes Welker, he was double-crossed and deprived of his best friend.

So, why is Tom giving the crafty Krafts a second chance?

It has something to do with the fine print. Tom will now be given instant free agency at some point after 2017. You can’t tell us that Tom doesn’t know the devil he knows.

We refer, of course, to that old Debbil Bill (Belichick).

Having seen Belichick dispatch anyone of a certain slippage, Tom knows his days may be numbered. Not only that, Belichick has a fondness for Jimmy Garoppolo or any player who looks good in his undies. The last time Tom saw that formula at work, he was the favorite—and Drew Bledsoe was the established, respected star quarterback.

Uh-oh is in order.

Yep, the Xmas cards Tom received from Lawyer Milloy, Wes Welker, Richard Seymour, and Logan Mankins, not only had Tom’s name on it, it seemed to place a sprig of holly through Tom’s heart and bury him in his own Christmas pudding.

As the Grinch’s lapdog, Tom knows the score. Win or lose, Tom Brady knows this may be his last Super Bowl with the Grinch.

Oh, that Debill Belichick is so mean.


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