New England Patriot Dead Pool

DATELINE: To the Victor

affluenza sufferer

Who will the Patriots play in the playoffs?

A silly debate rages on and on without end.

Patriot bubbleheaders now argue as to what opponent will be most dangerous for the hometown team. Sports radio blabbers are making hay out of their favorite specious arguments.

The candidates are available this upcoming weekend to preview, as if that will tell us anything (except perhaps the victor of the game).

On any given Sunday (or Saturday this year), one of these teams can beat the Patriots. Don’t be fooled by gaudy scores during the season wherein the Tom Brady team scored at will.

We are into the season where someone may stomp on your quarterback’s leg while he is helplessly on the ground trying to hold on to a football.

Duh, Suh.

We can only hope that next season Tom and Duh Suh will be on the same side of the field.

You can say “Nevermore” all you want because the Patriots may have a tiger by the tail when next they play.

Predicting the Patriot opponent is a bread and butter issue only if you make a living by betting on the outcome.

And, if you happen to be foolish enough to wager your hard-earned pennies on a sports bet, you probably are not in the same league as the millionaire sports figures who will determine your fate.

Upset is the middle name of the NFL, and referee blindsides will settle the score once and for all in the fourth quarter on a given Saturday.

When you meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gate and he tallies the scores of your life, your best defense will be to plead ignorance. You can bet your life on it.

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