Belichick Hides Behind Mic

DATELINE: Belichick Tries Witness Protection

Saluting BB

Blame It On Elise Amendola AP


Medical issue mystery may be the biggest 900-pound gorilla for Bill Belichick.

When Elise Amendola, mysterious AP photographer with the name related to Danny Amendola, is on the sidelines and taking photos, you have to ask yourself if we have been told the entire story.

Elise Amendola took one photo, being circulated, that showed a Patriot flak saluting Belichick in a manner that was usually reserved for Adolph Hitler.

Yes, it’s Sieg Heil, Bill!

We know Belichick is a tin-plated dictator in his own world. Even a subpoena from Aaron Hernandez will roll of his back. It’s like Congress trying to question Obama. It’s like Kim Jong-un trying to crash a Sony Pictures Board of Directors meeting. Whatever Bill wants, Bill gets.

The Fuhrer of Foxboro looked strangely pale and pasty during the final, losing game of the season. Then, he was a no-show for his postgame press conference. It led to speculation that Bill’s “little thing” was bothering him again to use his own words.

Belichick did not help matters by huddling in the trainers’ room and pushing out players and other anti-media refugees. There was no press conference in the flesh.

Later, to avoid fines and further controversy, Belichick talked to the press via conference call, from a safe distance.

During the game on the sidelines, BB hid his upper lip with a mic that made him look like Der Fuhrer.

Those close to Belichick weren’t talking, but rumors persist that he will enter the Witness Protection Program during the playoffs to avoid press contact. In the meantime, his upper lip looked more suspicious than usual.


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